Rethinking the role of a facilitator in the classroom

Why facilitators should create a space in class where children can explore their interests without the fear of failing in a competition.


The joy of facilitating fun in class

Our facilitator writes of when he realised the children actually were completely tuned in to his session, and what it made him realise

गोल में बोल

आओ मिलकर बैठें नीचे, ना कोई आगे, ना कोई पीछे| साथी चल बनायें गोल, मैं कुछ बोलूँ, तू कुछ बोल|     जो मैं बोलूँ सुने तू, मैं भी सुनूँ, जब बोले तू| साथी चल बनायें गोल, मैं कुछ बोलूँ, तू कुछ बोल| – Kushal Pahuja   Kushal Pahuja joined Apni Shala as a programme…

When the teachers played around in class

Hunan Ghar – a project started by Educate for Life – is an action research primary school providing supporting health and community as a hub of community-related development.  Apni Shala facilitators Amrita Nair and Mayuri Golambde travelled to Rajasthan to conduct a three-day teacher programme with the teachers of Hunar Ghar. You know you’re going to enjoy the company of the…

A man, his cycle and a journey

The Man loved to teach children through experiments, demonstrations, and toys. He’s been involved in the education sector for 5 years, but when he realized that municipal school children weren’t able to understand concepts as well as children from other schools, he decided to focus his creative efforts specifically on these children. During one such…

A Matter of Reflection

P is quiet and calm. Nothing seems to faze her! I once participated in her session, and the kids were really involved and debating on a topic vociferously. P listened and with a quick action held all of their attention. That’s when I realized—she exudes a calmness, but also maintains control. Before you imagine her…

The Tale of the Nightingale

If you’ve ever seen a group of children squealing in delight at an action song, then there’s a high likelihood the Nightingale was right in the thick of it. I refer to Mayuri as the Nightingale because of her propensity to use song and dance as a medium to build a rapport and spread happiness….

When Mumbai meets Bakhel

Apni Shala, Mumbai collaborates with Hunar Ghar, Bakhel, Rajasthan for taking Life Skills Education to more and more children.

आनंदनगरमधील थोड्या गप्पा..

गेली ४ महिने मी आनंदनगर या झोपडपट्टीत जीवन कौशल्य कार्यक्रम घेण्यासाठी जात आहे. मुलांना मी शाळेच्या अभ्यासाच्या बाहेरच शिकायला मदत करत आहे. मी शिकवत काहीच नाही. मग काय तर मुलांना खेळ,गाणी,गोष्टी,नाटक,चर्चा हि तंत्र वापरून त्यांना त्यांच्या क्षमता ओळखायला मदत करायची एवढचं काम !!! मागच्या रविवारी यातील १८ मुलांना घेवून संजय गांधी राष्ट्रीय उद्यान येथे भेट…

एक bond जुळला होता.

गोपाल शर्मा इंटरनँशनल स्कूल मध्ये उडाण या संस्थेच्या काही मुलांबरोबर हा एक आठ दिवसाचा उन्हाळी वर्ग झाला. ज्यात की विविध खेळ, ड्रामा, लिखाण, विविध कला, या सारखे वेग-वेगळे उपक्रम पार पडले. पण हा उपक्रम मुख्यत: त्या मुलांचे ध्येय शोधणे, (Dream goals), त्यांच्या मध्ये स्व- सहानुभूतीची भावना, तयार करणे. मुख्यत: या गोष्टी वरती या उपक्रमातून भर दिला गेला होता….