Fellowship Action Research (Cohort 5)

Action Research is an integral part of the Apni Shala fellowship. All fellows undertake an area of study within the larger landscape of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that excites them to explore deeply.

In this blog, we share with you the research papers by our 2021-22 Fellows, Rochelle Dsouza and Priyanka Tiwari.

As part of this, Priyanka studied how SEL initiatives support the development of students’ social skills. She worked with grades 3 and 5 students from three different municipal schools to study the impact of different types of SEL initiatives in those schools on students’ ability to communicate, resolve conflicts, express emotions and work in teams. To read her findings, click here.

Rochelle’s project focused on studying the “Caregiver involvement in school and child’s social and emotional development”. Her project re-established the criticality of why must schools and homes work together towards the holistic development of young people. To know more about her project, click here.

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