A message from Amrita Nair

It was our first day visiting a school in 2012, with a letter from our university in our hands and a little proposal of activities that we hoped to accomplish. I could never have imagined that meeting with the principal and teachers would lead to what is today a dream that 25 passionate educators and colleagues share and are committed to.

The past year and a half has made it more than clear that students, caregivers, teachers all need that space to be able to express themselves, process what goes on and find community in dealing with challenges that life brings with it.

We at Apni Shala have only continued to articulate that need and create spaces that nurture wellbeing. This has been possible with the support of so many beautiful people and beings who have been part of our journey.

From the plants and cats in our office balcony providing relief on the tough days to our team, to Prakash* dada who relentlessly delivers our couriers and parcels, to the accounts team that is always just a phone call away, to the numerous teachers, principals and staff at schools who make it possible for our facilitators to do what they do, to every donor who has ever contributed to making SEL possible, to a support system of board members and advisors who have our back, to partners who support us in our endeavour, to the families of our teams who support us, to our students, and their families who welcome us into their lives and to the several others that I may not be able to sufficiently express my gratitude to- THANK YOU!

While our communities continue to grapple with the continuing effects of the pandemic, our team is committed to supporting students, teachers, and caregivers in creating access to SEL. We believe that it is your support that has brought us here and that will take us to our next milestone.

Join us. Donate. Spread the word.

Visit: bit.ly/wellbeingduringcovid

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