The Fellowship project

Fellowship Project 2018-19

This year, the 3rd Batch of Apni Shala Fellows had an opportunity to apply all the learning and experiences that they witnessed in their journey through action/research project. This project was in one of the two categories:

  • Mental Health awareness Initiative involved engaging a group of people (online or offline) and implementing a particular element of mental health to any member of the society and creatively documenting this journey.
  • Windows & Mirrors in Research – This involved identifying, researching and collating secondary data of at least 1 concept from the philosophies that informs Apni Shala’s area of work (SEED, Narrative practices, Responsive Classrooms, Growth Mind-set, Constructivist Learning, CASEL.)


Kamlesh Gupta – Kamlesh’s project  aimed to study the practices of alternative learning settings (alternative schools as we call them nowadays) and explore what  practices are adapted to promote social-emotional learning, to promote holistic development.

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Priya Mohire – Priya Mohire’s project explored Constructivism and its principles and she curated a broad comparison of the same with the principles and practices followed at Apni Shala.

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Preeti Baghel – Preeti’s project gave an opportunity to the youth to take a step back from the busy life and focus on the idea of taking care of themselves and understanding the influence of stress in their life.

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Rahim Manjiyani – Using the social media platform, Rahim’s project aimed to create awareness about myths and facts associated with mental health.

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Shahbaan Shah – Shahbaan worked on reading a book “Mind-set” – Prof.Carol Dweck and analysed how does Growth Mind-set reflect in a diverse population from pre-schoolers at Khoj Community School to young adults who are a part of Apni Shala Youth Project. This was researched through collecting anecdotal evidence – blogs, classroom conversations and his own personal classroom experiences.

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Aangi Desai – Being a part of a collective identity of Indian housewives, conversations on self-love are rarely spoken about, Aangi Desai’s initiative focused on exploring this concept of self-acceptance and carving out time for self-love.

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Ashok Yadav – Mind over Matter, Ashok Yadav’s project focused on initiating conversations around mental health and hoped to build resilience and a self-care plan amongst the young participants.

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All 7 fellows have worked sincerely on their individual projects exploring Mental Health awareness with a diverse population in the community and on social media.   

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