What do the children want to say? Let’s listen to them…….

My Journey starts…. One weekly session of one hour per group for 12 groups across 4 school, – develops into interactions with about 200 children every week.  Children – boys and girls, who are very spontaneous, energetic, without any masks on their faces and coming from diverse and vibrant communities. In our sessions we sit…

मेरे बच्चे और मैं

(One phase of my life was ending and another was beginning The transition from being a student to a facilitator was making me happy as well as scared. Scared because I constantly thought, whether would I be able to do complete justice to this responsibility?) On my first day,I travelled for almost 2 hours to…

The Unbecoming

One day, when the burning ball rose Birds chirped their sanguine hymn The roads gazed their tarry pose Cars danced on their rubber rings A day just like any other I stumbled upon a sack Replete with a mirror and feathers Feathers tickled the mirror and it cracked It was no ordinary glass A portal…

”A Delightful Adventure”

It is rightly said that “All the best things happen unexpectedly!”, and joining Apni Shala Foundation (ASF) was such serendipitous experience for me. Right from my day 1 to this moment (which is nearly 3 months), my journey as a Program Fellow has been enrapturing!!! The best thing I feel about working here is “Work…

Friyaay Adventure!

Bimba Chavan writes about her adventurous Fridays at the Khoj Community School- an initiative by Apni Shala

Learning and Un-learning

Pranali Patil tells us how important has it been for her, as a facilitator, to learn and un-learn in the process of working with children.

Acting Up

Debdutta Ray shares what made her change her mind about the effectiveness of theatre in classrooms

Meet the parents

The anxiety, nervousness and excitement that comes with meeting the parents of the children we work with.